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As soon as you walk in the front door of Dumplings' Legend, it becomes clear this isn’t your standard Chinese restaurant. You will immediately notice the fantastic variation of fragrances that emanate from the restaurant’s open-plan kitchen, where you can watch the chefs skilfully hand-craft each delicate Siu Long Bao from the highest quality ingredients.

Indeed, the renowned Siu Long Bao, is the star of the show - the recipe for this traditional steamed soup dumpling has been modified to create unique variations which form the focal point for the restaurant’s refreshingly unique menu. The Siu Long Bao menu alone ranges from spicy pork, chicken and prawn to the highly sought after supreme crab-roe which is very limited in supply due to the availability of the extremely fresh ingredients.

Dumplings’ Legend aims to simplify the whole experience of oriental dining, making food easy to understand and even easier to order. The simple one page menu creates a straightforward and selective guide to food as well as introducing some of the new and unique dishes to diners wanting to try something a little bit different from the norm. The menu also offers a selection of refreshing beverages including fresh soya milk, Chai tea cocktails and fresh juice made to order.

Dumplings' Legend also has seating for up to 200 people and a VIP room with a private area for up to 100 people, suitable for any private or business function - complete with karaoke facilities!